All enquiries should be addressed to the Administrator:
Chaff Barn, Downyard,
Compton Pauncefoot,
Yeovil BA22 7EL
Tel: 01963 440461
Email: tonybeadles@me.com



The prize is open to schools affiliated to IAPS - the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools.
Entry forms are sent by IAPS in an email to the Heads of all IAPS schools in September each year with the request to encourage the Head of History at the school to select suitable candidates for entry.

Entries for 2021 should reach the Administrator as soon as possible and not later than Thursday December 17th, 2020.  In 2020 1037 candidates sat Paper 1 and the top 250 qualified for Paper 2.

New Participants Information

We would be delighted to invite new participants to join the 81 preparatory schools involved in the prize in 2020.


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