Literary masters

Cyril Connolly
In 1916 Cyril Connolly won the prize with Eric Blair second, both from St Cyprian’s, Eastbourne. Cyril Connolly was an influential English literary critic and writer, founder and editor of Horizon and author of Enemies of Promise and The Unquiet Grave. Eric Blair (George Orwell)
Pen name George Orwell – English novelist and essayist, best known for Animal Farm and 1984.

Political figures

Kwasi Kwarteng
He won the prize in 1988. A Conservative MP since 2010, he was appointed in July 2019 as Minister of State, and then in January 2021 as Secretary of State, for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.  In 2019 he became a Privy Councillor.  He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 6 September 2002 until 14 October 2022.  He has written Ghosts of Empire and A Five-Hundred-Year History of Empires.

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 University Academics

Jeremy Butterfield
Winner in 1968, is a philosopher at the University of Cambridge, noted for his work on the philosophical aspects of physics and science. He is senior research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. Scott Mandelbrote
Winner in 1980 and 1981, is Fellow and Director of Studies in History at Peterhouse, Cambridge and Fellow of All Souls, Oxford. He has published widely, especially on Sir Isaac Newton.

University Challenge

Alexander Guttenplan
Winner in 2003, captained Emmanuel College, Cambridge to win University Challenge in 2010, Ralph Morley
Winner in 2005 and 2006, captained Trinity College, Cambridge to win in 2014. Kwasi Karteng
He was a member of the Trinity College, Cambridge team that won in 1995.

Previous Townsend-Warner Prize Winners

2023Imaad NasirArnold House
2022Conrad LaiShrewsbury House
2021Johnny MoeselCothill House
2020Luke ParkerWestminster Under
2019R Leon-VillapolasWestminster Under
2018R Leon-VillapolasWestminster Under
2017H CollinsSt Paul’s Preparatory
2016F FiroozyeWetherby Preparatory
2015J OrlyWestminster Under
2014J McGuireSt Paul’s Preparatory
2013J McGuireSt Paul’s Preparatory
2012W MonaghanKing’s Junior Wimbledon
2011J HaggerKing’s Junior Wimbledon
2010W DrakeKing’s College Cambridge
2009D de SilvaQuainton Hall
2008J MendelsohnArnold House
2007J MannionVinehall
2006R MorleyKing’s Junior Canterbury
2005R MorleyKing’s Junior Canterbury
2004S GilbertVinehall
2003A GuttenplanThe Hall
2002M OstrowskiSt Paul’s Preparatory
2001J MedlandThe New Beacon
2000H SmithVinehall
1999E BlainSummer Fields
1998H EllisWellesley House
1997N JohnstonKing’s Junior Wimbledon
1996N JohnstonKing’s Junior Wimbledon
1995J NeichoThe Hall
1994K MortonThe Hall
1993T EdlinLyndhurst House
1992A HadleyKing’s Junior Wimbledon
1991P RobertsEagle House
1990D CameronWellesley House
1989SPM AllenMowden Hall
1988TC PakrashiKing’s Junior Wimbledon
1987K KwartengSt Paul’s Preparatory
1986M CollinsHolmewood House
1986CC SpinkMowden Hall
1985A OrmondThe Hall
1984JW HayWellesley House
1983D TurnerKing’s Junior Wimbledon
1982S BakerRed House
1980S MandlebroteThe Dragon
1979JR LockDulwich College Junior
1978JDR KewleyDownside
1977JDR KewleyDownside
1976GD GoodlandLincoln Cathedral
1975M PriceUniversity College Junior
1974G PhilipsSt Paul’s Preparatory
1973MW InglebyWoodleigh
1972WP LedwardWellesley House
1971MS MiddleditchBrambletye
1970EJ BroadbentRossall Junior
1969WA FeatherbyRipley Court
1968JN ButterfieldKing’s House
1967DAL CranstonLocker’s Park
1966JP SimpsonCheam
1965PHB ThomasOld Hall
1964CPM GriffithThe Dragon
1963DJ HabbakukThe Dragon
1962TH CockeAldro
1961TH CockeAldro
1960KM KafetzThe Hall
1959RJ WaterlowPort Regis
1958TC HaslerAbberley Hall
1957TC HaslerAbberley Hall
1956JR ArcherBramcote
1956JGR MartinRyleys
1955F LambertThe Dragon
1954J TowseSt Michael’s
1953APM WrightChafyn Grove
1952APM WrightChafyn Grove
1951APM WrightChafyn Grove
1950J DunbabionThe Dragon
1949J DunbabionThe Dragon
1948J TullochHordle House
1947R LayardThe Dragon
1946JS KingTerra Nova
1945JS KingTerra Nova
1944MK SimpsonWellesley House
1943UnkownKing’s Canterbury Junior
1940UnkownOakley Hall
1939WB NormanSt Peter’s Court
1932 to 1938Winners unknown
1931C Powell-CottonHawtreys
19291929 and 1930 Winners unknown
1928W EmanuelThe Dragon
1927W EmanuelThe Dragon
1926UnknownOakley Hall
1925C MowatThe Dragon
1924GJF MackaySt Cyprian’s
1885 to 1923The Prize was known as the Harrow History PrizeSt Cyprian’s
19201920 to 1923 -Winners unknown
1919WJL ChristieSt Cyprian’s
1918SJ LotbiniereSt Cyprian’s
1917No competition
1916Cyril ConnollySt Cyprian’s
1916Eric BlairSt Cyprian’s
1915JA Hamill-StwartSt Cyprian’s
1912 to 1914Winners unknown
1911J Acheson-LyleSt Cyprian’s
1907 to 1910Winners unknown
1911J Acheson-LyleSt Cyprian’s
1906D HusseySt Cyprian’s
1905Winners unknown
1904CH RoseThe Dragon
1903Winner unknown
1902R HaighThe Dragon
1902Miss Kit LynamThe Dragon
1901R LaffanThe Dragon
1900Winner unknown
1899J GamlenThe Dragon
1897Winner unknown
1898CH RoseElstree
1896WE MoberlyThe Dragon
18941894 and 1895 – Winners unknown
1892Winner unknown
1891AC MeddElstree
1890LE BermanElstree
1889LE BermanElstree
1888LE BermanElstree
18861886 and 1887 – Winners Unknown
1885M Glibart SmithElstree

Past Team Winners of the Batsford Shield

First presented in 1981

2023St. Paul’s Juniors
2022Westminster Under
2020Westminster Under
2019Westminster Under
2018Westminster Under
2017Westminster Under
2016King’s Junior Wimbledon
2015The Hall
2014Westminster Under
2013St Paul’s Preparatory
2012St Paul’s Preparatory
2011King’s Junior Wimbledon
2010King’s Junior Wimbledon
2009King’s Junior Wimbledon
2008The Hall
2007Shrewsbury House
2005The Hall
2004Shrewbury House
2003Kings Junior Wimbledon
2002Kings Junior Wimbledon
2001St Paul’s Preparatory
1999Kings Junior Wimbledon
1998The New Beacon
1997The New Beacon
1996The Pilgrims’
1995Summer Fields
1993Eagle House
1992Summer Fields
1991Summer Fields
1990Kings Junior Wimbledon
1989Kings Junior Wimbledon
1988St Pauls Preparatory
1987St Pauls Preparatory
1986Holmewood House
1985The Hall
1984Wellesley House
1983Kings Junior Wimbledon
1982Cranleigh Preparatory
1981Kings Junior Wimbledon

Top 30 Winners


RankingNameSchoolOverall Score
1I NasirArnold House174
2H. AcottWestminster Under172
3Y. XuSt. Paul’s Juniors166
4S. IyerSt. Paul’s Juniors165
5A. ShiSt. Paul’s Juniors163
6T. O’DonnellShrewsbury House162
7E. Bernasconi-TserendorjArnold House161
G PlumleyBedford Prep161
9J. ZhouWestminster Under160
10J. ChenKing’s College School, Cambridge159
11T. BrandFeltonfleet156
S. KnutsonWestminster Under156
13H. HolmstromFeltonfleet153
W. LaiSt. Paul’s Juniors153
15J. HarringtonFeltonfleet151
R. MarcroftKing’s House151
17L. AdawiehFeltonfleet150
18R. ChathleyCothill House147
N. HoBrighton College Prep147
20M. HenryArnold House146
G. van LierWestminster Cathedral Choir School146
22C. McGonagleWestminster Under145
G. RadburnSt. John’s, Northwood145
24E. BauerFeltonfleet144
E. CoghillBeeston Hall144
J. Marshall-LeeHighfield144
27A. AitkenWetherby143
A. OoiSummerfields143
29K. AbhatHereward House142
C. ThakrarThe Pilgrims’ School142
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